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How to Use a Hookah

Hookah Setup and Hookah Care Made Easy

1. Fill the base of the hookah with water. Make sure you don’t fill it with too much water. The water level should reach approximately 1-1 1/2 inches above the bottom of the metal tube. Therefore the tube is submerged in water.

2. Place long stainless steel tube over the glass or crystal base. Make sure it fits snugly and is airtight. There should be a rubber stopper between the glass/crystal base and the metal center piece.

3. Place the circular tray on top of the hookah metal pipe.

4. Attach the clay bowl to the top of the metal mid-section. Again there should be a plastic grommet between the metal mid-section and the clay bowl.

5. Place hose into the metal mid-section once again with the plastic grommet making sure the connection is air-tight.

6. Test that your setup is airtight by placing your hand on top of the hookah’s bowl and then sucking in through the hose. If everything is okay, you should feel a pull at your hand and see bubbles in the water. If either of these two things don’t happen, then in all likelihood, you have air escaping from somewhere. Carefully check to find the source.

7. If your setup is airtight, then place some soaked tobacco in the bowl making sure it is level with the rim of the clay bowl. Make sure you sprinkle the tobacco versus packing it in so that the air flow isn’t restricted. Also don’t let the tobacco level reach over the bowl or overflow. To decrease the harshness you can place foil over the top of the bowl. Cut out a round or square piece of foil about twice the diameter of the bowl and place it over the bowl making sure it is flat and air tight. Then take a tooth pick or a sharp object and punch tiny holes all along the top.

8. Go outside and light your self lighting charcoal. Make sure you hold the charcoal with the hookah clamps provided.

9. When lit bring the charcoal inside, holding it with the clamps and place it on top of the foil. For a longer smoke, place the charcoal on the edge of the bowl and work it around the outside. The center of the bowl is that last place to be touched.

10. Gently pressing down on the charcoal, suck in using the mouthpiece. You should notice smoke building up inside the base and eventually (after a few strong puffs), you should feel the taste of the tobacco in your mouth. It’s important to be patient and let the charcoal heat the tobacco.